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Reduce Your Risk with Administrative Efficiency

Close-up of businesswoman sitting while working on laptop and calculating.What is your time worth?

As a business owner, consider the sheer amount of paperwork produced by changing insurance benefits for your employees. Even on a small change, such as adding a dependent or increasing the value of a policy, forms have to be filled out sometimes in duplicate, triplicate and more. Often times there are five to six versions of the same body of information transmitted through different avenues.

The same thing happens in reverse.

When it comes time to terminate an employee, there is a multilayered list of tasks that have to be completed in order for all the right forms and procedures to be done.

That is to say nothing of new hires. The process of hiring and enrolling new employees is drawn out: from payroll, to medical plans, EAP, COBRA, et cetera.

That leaves a lot of room for error and a lot of burden on your business.

What if you could streamline that process?

We provide an administrative system that organizes all this work in one place and sends every form electronically. There are also check systems programmed in that do not allow for major errors, such as premiums collected without policies being updated and finalized for coverage.

There is no way to move on to the next step of collecting premiums without ensuring your employee will receive the policy coverage he is paying for.

Don’t let an administrative error leave your employees at risk.