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Value of Employee Advocacy

Levels of employee benefits support vary widely across companies—big and small.

After the time-sensitive enrollment phase, a typical employer may not be adequately staffed to provide follow-on benefits guidance to employees requiring help with accessing medical benefits information, filing unpaid medical claims, or even finding the most appropriate medical team. Luckily resources exist today that help an employer take an active role—right from the start.

Navigators aren’t just for the high seas. Progressive companies are increasingly turning to care advocacy programs—a third party resource that helps employees navigate the healthcare system and make better and more efficient decisions. Services range from choosing a provider for a surgery to completing required claim forms. For example, an employee requiring surgery may have a long list of tasks to complete, such as finding and selecting a service provider, a hospital, and a rehabilitation center; preparatory paperwork may include filing short term disability forms, in-take applications, and post-operative claims forms. The employer using a care advocacy resource benefits by saving hours for both executive staff and the employee—who can both ultimately dedicate more time to productive tasks.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Employers can take a host of pro-active steps toward improved patient advocacy that may include offering preventive care resources and specialist services designed to meet the precise employee need. While one employee, diagnosed with diabetes, could be introduced to preventative care resources, another employee with an uncommon cardiac ailment may be directed to the relevant cardiac specialist team offered within the insurance plan. Both of these resources may not only save the employees time and energy in doing the research, the care advocacy team may introduce employees to new resources that could ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle and more focused care.

Care advocacy programs are designed to facilitate and support an employee by providing tailored guidance and access to the best resources that the company’s medical benefits provide.

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