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Cyber Security: Protect Yourself from the Risks

October is cyber security awareness month. As the internet has grown in the last decade, so are the risks that go along with it. Think of your personal information like you think of your money—value it and protect it.

Some tips that help you keep your personal information for your eyes only are keeping strong passwords and codes and keeping them protected. When you share your information, you can no longer control what the other people who have access with that information do with it. Sharing passwords with children and friends may seem like the easiest thing to do, but in the long run, the safer way of thinking is keeping that information to yourself.

Users also don’t realize how much information apps they use actually have. Applications want a lot of your personal information without a lot of check on what they’re doing with it. Keep your information safe by limiting what applications you use and what the applications have access to, such as your contact lists, location and the places you shop.

Think smartly about how and when you use your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Some stores and locations will use these connections to track your movements throughout the store. Make sure to keep yourself safe, as well as your battery charged, by disabling these features when not in use.

Wi-Fi hotspots for public use are generally not secure connections. Other people have the potential and ability to see what you are doing. Make sure to limit what you’re searching and doing when connected to a public hotspot. Consider not checking your email or anything related to your financial services. If you find yourself needing to check finances and email frequently, try using a virtual private network (VPN) or personal mobile hotspot.