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Is it Time for a Plan Refresh?

The duty to provide participants with sufficient information to make consistently informed retirement investment decisions is a basic fiduciary responsibility under ERISA Section 404(a). However,... Read more »

Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

I was catching up on some of Dr. Rosie Ward’s recent blogs yesterday and one point she made that resonated with me is that emotional literacy is becoming critical. She notes that... Read more »

Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

In a webinar I recently listened to, the presenter talked about how one of the most important things an employer can do right now is to build trust. Trust is imperative, they stated, because as... Read more »
3 people doing yoga

Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

With challenge comes opportunity, so they say.  For most, it may feel like the list of challenges is far outweighing the opportunities these days. However, as we think about wellbeing Programs,... Read more »
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Reasons Why We Love Benchmarking!

Benchmarking- it’s a vague word thrown around by employee benefits professionals trying to win your business. But what does it really mean? And can it really help your organization thrive? To... Read more »