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David Levitz, President, GCG Benefits Consulting

Clients choose GCG Financial over other companies because we’re not just consultants who tell clients how to fix a problem. We’re hired to actually fix their problems – to do the work with them. We stay involved with clients every step of the way. We are there for our clients, holding their hands, helping them understand the differences between all of the choices that they have and the tools and techniques they can use for planning. Then we also work with them on implementation; rolling up our sleeves to help them implement the solutions we’re recommending.

I think our staff retention really speaks volumes. GCG is a place where people come to work and like to stay. Our clients like that they get to work with people who get to know them and their unique needs. Also, our advanced staff training makes GCG unique. We don’t just bring people in and throw them to the wolves. GCG has a three-year training program; we’re at the forefront in associate education, at the start of someone’s career and on a continuing basis. In financial services, one should never stop learning.

We deal with all different types of clientele, and I can tell you that our level of service is not dependent on the type of sale that is to be made. We treat every client as though they are our most important client. We’re also an independent firm, which means a lot. That means we’re not beholden to any particular company to do business with in terms of solutions.

– David Levitz, President, GCG Benefits Consulting