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Fighting Cancer During COVID-19

As cancer patients continue to face the daily battle to conquer their illness, Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Center is increasing efforts to fight back against COVID-19.

The story of Eliza Paris, a 27-year-old cancer patient that recently recovered from the coronavirus, shows how crucial cancer care is during unprecedented times. She spent eight brutal days in the ICU to fight against the virus, but Eliza successfully recovered and flew back to New York to resume her treatments at MSK. The private cancer center is working to help more patients like Eliza, but they are worried about the many people that are not scheduling their routine cancer screenings.

Routine screenings have plummeted since March, which could present challenges in the future for individuals needing them most. People could later find out that they have a more advanced disease. MSK wants to remind everyone to make their appointments, even during this time.

MSK aims to provide the best care to every patient, now more than ever, and GCG Financial is proud to play a role in supporting their efforts.

GCG’s team of volunteers (called the Hardly Riders) have supported Cycle for Survival for over eight years, and they raised over $36,000 in donations this year for MSK!

If you would like to provide a generous gift to MSK to help fight against cancer, click here to donate.