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GCG Screens Teens at Lake Forest Academy

GCG recently assisted the Max Schewitz Foundation with their Screens for Teens program at Lake Forest Academy this past Wednesday afternoon. At the school, GCG volunteers screened around 100 high school students using EKG machines. In groups of two, one volunteer attached the sensors to the student and the other entered the student’s data into the system. Overall, the event was meaningful not only to the students but also brought the volunteers together for a great cause.

The Max Schewitz Foundation works to prevent sudden cardiac death in young people by providing EKG screenings to children at local high schools at low or no cost to the students. The goal of this initiative stems from the issues that over 95% of conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death are not detected within a typical physical that a student receives at the doctor’s office. By offering these screenings, the organization fills a major gap in healthcare and save lives.

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