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A National Trading Company Deals with Employee Benefits after a De-merger

National trading company comprised of commodity brokers and staff.

Re-enrolling 100-plus employees in a benefits program after a de-merger.

A national trading company underwent a de-merger and needed to re-enroll more than 100 employees in a new benefits program. The program needed to be efficient and practical, so they turned to GCG.

GCG engineered and implemented an employee HR portal that was populated with comprehensive plan details, carrier links, rates and critical personal employee data. In order to access the portal, each employee received a unique ID. From there, the system generated reports and delivered them to specific carriers. The resulting expediency allowed employees to gather all necessary information about their benefits and the carrier to receive the election reports on time. The portal was a resounding success.

Since the initial launch, the national trading company continues to use the portal as a vital source of information and to communicate with its employees. As a firm built on the tradition of “doing what is right,” GCG did not stop there and continued to assist the company by updating carrier databases when changes are made.