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Company Improves Employee Insurance Coverage – And Participation

Group of a happy Business People standing together and looking at the camera. Isolated on white background. [url=][img][/img][/url]Client:
An employer with approximately 150 employees

The client had a very complicated and confusing benefits program set up for their employees, resulting in low employee participation.

The client was spending too much money for the value of its coverage. This client offered their employees multiple lines of coverage through several insurance carriers. There was no clear line of communication to the employees about the coverage options. In addition, enrollment for benefits was done using five different paper application forms, making the process very confusing and time consuming. As a result, enrollment in the benefits program did not meet the participation goals of the company.

GCG stepped in and consolidated the lines of coverage using top rated insurance carriers. GCG also implemented an online enrollment tool along with an online portal for employee communication and education. These changes led to widespread adoption of the plans and enrollment by company employees.

By using mostly voluntary lines of coverage and reducing costs, GCG was able to keep the employer’s contribution fixed so it benefited everyone. The employer did not have to spend any more money and the employees saved money while receiving the appropriate insurance coverage.