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Delivering Insurance Savings and Peace of Mind to a Property Owner

Loving couple looking at their dream houseClient:
Physician with an extensive amount of properties.

Needed to increase savings on current insurance deals.

Our client, a successful physician wanted to reduce her current insurance costs while not purchasing any new insurance on her villa property, three cars and an expensive collection of stereo and recording equipment.

GCG’s expert review of the client’s policy declaration pages uncovered a range of concerns about her coverage type in general and specific dollar amounts. Upon further investigation, GCG discovered the villa lacked coverage and had the wrong policy type. GCG created a customized homeowner’s policy that increased coverage to completely cover her condo and stereo equipment, as well as an umbrella coverage plan to round out and close any outstanding insurance gaps.

GCG delivered peace of mind and savings to the client. Our team not only put the required insurance in place, but also customized and saved the client a significant amount of money, including 50 percent on auto premiums.