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Keeping Up with the Speed of Technology – P&C Review

Retro image of lawyer signing important legal document on black desk. Over black background.Client:
Technology company with 26 employees and approximately $9.5 million in annual revenue.

Unhappy with current Property & Casualty coverage and broker.

This company’s risk management broker regularly ignored its needs while displaying a lack of communication year over year. Furthermore, the company lost confidence in its coverage after discovering it still was paying for coverage on an office that was no longer in use, and that it had no Employment Practice Liability Insurance.

After a thorough analysis of the company’s Property & Casualty Insurance program, GCG educated the management team regarding their corporate risks and deficiencies. Within 30 days, GCG implemented a plan of action that provided appropriate insurance coverage, while simultaneously saving the company approximately $20,000 annually on its risk insurance program. Today, as the company’s new risk management broker, GCG remains in constant communication with the company to make sure the plan runs smoothly. GCG understands the fast-paced world of IT and is prepared to work just as fast to keep up with the speed of these companies.