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Diane Arndt

Group Services Manager

Diane is the primary contact for in-force contract administration and customer service. This includes verifying billing accuracy as well as coordinating delivery of plan documents and other materials. Within GCG, Diane is the Team Leader for all customer services issues relating to insurance contracts. Diane also heads up the contract renewal process and quoting while sharing responsibility for insurance carrier relations with President Kathleen Beggerow.

Prior to GCG, Diane was Senior Group Service Analyst at AIC, Inc. (later part of USI Holdings). In addition to more than 15 years’ experience marketing group risk to insurance carriers and servicing in-force contracts, Ms. Arndt is a past member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Continuous Quality Improvement Work Exchange program and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) Health Assessment System Seminar Development series.